Life’s wee dramas


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My Mum has been slack about sharing all my news, so here’s a catch-up. Back in December I had some health dramas but my shoulder healed ok and my lungs etc seemed to be alright once we’d done the x-rays etc.

Dad had his 7th surgery on his leg and it’s doing well. I know not to jump up or trip him, and was a very good girl, I did a good job of looking after him and making sure he rested enough.

I’ve had the occasional tummy problem but about 10 days ago things got really bad. Fortunately, Rebecca could provide pain relief after hours and to get us over the weekend. We tried a new drug for me, Tramadol, and it worked well. It’s a tiny piece of tablet instead of Mum giving me an injection and it didn’t make me too sleepy.

I had a whole bunch of tests and they shaved my tummy – just in time for winter – and did ultrasounds. I have something weird with my gall bladder, scarring from previous pancreatitis, kidney stones and an enlarged abnormal liver.

The next step would be a biopsy, which is invasive and $700+. Mum and Dad are thinking it over because unless it’s going to give us info we can actually do something with it’s a lot to put me through and a lot of money. They think it might be best to just keep managing the pain when I feel unwell because sometimes I go for months with no problems.

So, that’s me. I’m snoring on the mohair rug at the moment; it’s not a bad life!

Quick catch up


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My Mum’s been a slack blogger, so here’s a quick catch up:

  • I have had my summer haircut. Much cooler but Dad says I look like a dork!
  • The cat and I had a BIG wrestling match, rolling in the dust; I hit the garden edge with my shoulder and couldn’t walk properly. Vet visit…
  • At the vet visit my lungs sounded weird, and my heart looked enlarged in the xrays. $500 of tests…and
  • The tests showed I may be developing a heart problem. Watch and wait.
  • I am happy and yappy, and still keeping Dad company while Mum’s at work.


There’s a weird silence


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The cat and I are friends, but I’m also a bit scared of her. She has very sharp ends and knows how to use them. But she’s got something wrong with her at the moment and I seem to know it. Goldie has lost her voice – normally we call her Little Miss Loud – but at the moment she can barely squeak! She is going to see Rebecca tomorrow for a checkup and maybe some medicine. I just hope it’s not contagious!


It’s always my eyes


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Unless, its my tummy of course. So, we went to the see Craig Irving, the animal eye specialist on Friday. It’s a 2 hour trip down to Palmerston North and I don’t like the car much but I sat on Dad’s knee and was good.

Craig kind of remembered me from last time, when I had a really nasty eye infection at 18 months old. As he said, it was quite uncommon and aggressive, so he was pleased to see me again and looking well. He shone bright red, blue and white lights in my eyes, waved his hands at me to see if I reacted, and then looked into my eyes with a big metal thing on his head. I just stood there looking patient.

Craig says the problem with my left eye is atrophy of the iris, so essentially an ageing problem. It shouldn’t get much worse as I get older. About a quarter of the eye is all sort of hardened which is why my pupil looks triangular and doesn’t contract. I will be light sensitive and find it hard to focus on things close up, which is why I can’t see where the ball goes to start with and don’t feel confident to jump up and down off the furniture. So, it’s good news, and Mum and Dad are much happier. Now we need to do some food training so I regain my confidence.


It’s the eyes – again


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faith on teOver the years Faith has had a few eye problems and it’s not over yet. A few weeks ago, as part of a routine check-up, Rebecca noticed she seems to be developing cataracts, worse in her left eye. She seemed fine so we decided to ignore it for now.

Over the last week or so I have noticed that she often loses track of her toys when we’re playing – up until now she’s been very good at tracking (and can’t be fooled with a fake throw!). Hmm. Rebecca had another look and decided to take her to Hawera with her so their eye specialist, Anna, could check her out. The cloudiness is not cataracts, it’s a general aging issue and see through from Faith’s side, so that’s good. But her left eye, which had a sort of puncture injury at one stage, has a misshapen pupil and the pupil is way more dilated than the right one. Could be nothing, could be all manner of things…

Once Tony is back from seeing his surgeon in Waikato this week we’ll arrange to see Craig Little, the dog ophthalmologist is Palmerston North. He fixed Meg’s cherry eye and operated on both of Faith’s eyes when she was small. We know and trust him. Sigh…it just goes on…