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Faith is 12 years old, and Goldie is 13, so they’re both well and truly retired. Of course Tony is well retired too, and I’m not always well, so really our house is a loosely run retirement home!

It’s cold here today, by Patea standards anyway. Goldie is asleep in Tony’s Lazyboy chair because he’s away for a couple of days, and Faith is asleep on her sheepskin rug, face first into the heater and snoring gently. They both do as little as possible, for as long as possible.

Despite her age, Faith still plays with her toys when I get home from work, barks at the courier and wags her tail constantly as she moves about the house with us. Tony’s brother Roger has been living with us for the last 6 weeks and he commented this morning that she’s one of the sweetest natured dogs he’s ever met. It’s true – she can be a bit yappy (although less so now she’s old) but she’s happy and gentle.

Sometimes I worry about her when she’s having a quiet sleep-a-lot day. My sister always reminds me that in a retirement home some days residents go on bus trips and play cards, other days they nap in the sun all day – and it’s the same for Faith and Goldie. She’s right, of course, and today’s a nap in the warm day…faith 2018-06goldie 2018-06