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I’ve been doing quite well lately – and then things went weird. I had sore ears and kept scratching them, so Mum was putting stuff in them – and suddenly I was stone deaf. My wee ears didn’t even twitch when Mum and Dad shouted, and I wasn’t barking at the courier, cars next door, flies going past…

We live a very routine life so it’s been kind of ok – I know when Mum cleans her teeth etc at night it’s time for me to go toilet then head for the bedroom so they can put me on the bed. And in the morning I know when Dad puts Mum’s car out I have to stay inside. But I missed being told “what a good girl” all the time, and Mum waffling on to me about what she’s doing.

The vet wasn’t sure if my ears were just super sore or if I was deaf because I’m getting old (I’m 11 and a half…).

Anyway, in the last couple of days I have started to hear some things again and today I reacted when Mum said I’m a good girl. So my ears were just sore and all blocked up after all. Thank goodness for that. Mum said a deaf dog with a heart condition, Cushing’s Disease, Luxating Patella in both back legs and one bung eye didn’t bear thinking about!

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