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Mum’s friend Kylie Parry (@parrykylie on Twitter) is, among other things, a writer. Recently she sent me a wonderful story about Faith, based on my tweets and this blog. I think it’s just lovely; she has really captured their personalities. Thank you so much Kylie, your timing was perfect…

It was gone. Disappeared. Faith shook the blonde hair out of her eyes. Cath couldn’t help. She’d gone to the library, again. Faith figured the library must have the best toys in the world because Cath kept going there. Or treats, maybe it was full of treats.

Faith scratched behind one ear and then shook herself. Focus. The toy was gone. Not just a toy. The Toy. The best one. The one that was chewed soft in just the right places and smelt like happiness. Well she was on her own now, she’d just have to track it.

Nose bent to the floor Faith sniffed carefully around. Humpf, the worst smell in the world was here… Goldie. She stiffened. Goldie was big, mean and scary. People thought Goldie was cute,

“Who’s a lovely cat, do you want a pat.”

People were stupid. Faith knew the truth, Goldie was a no good toy thief. It was clearly the only answer. Goldie must have stolen The Toy while she was sleeping. Gathering up her courage, Faith stood tall, tallish, oh OK just stood straight and prepared to track.

Goldie had left stink everywhere. Under the chair, in the kitchen, up on the bed. Everywhere cat stink, no-where The Toy.

Faith wasn’t giving up that easily. Behind the curtain. AHA, a clue. A small piece of stuffing. She picked it up carefully in her mouth. Following the scent.

In the corner of the lounge, more stuffing. Near the door, an ear. Faith whimpered, an ear. What kind of monster was this cat! Dedicated sniffing tracked down another ear and a small piece of fabric.

Faith sat in the lounge and yapped loudly,

“Goldie, what did you do? What did you do?”

Goldie wandered slowly into the lounge yawning. The weird fluffy dog was yapping again. Goodness knows what about. Frankly Goldie didn’t care. Goldie leapt up on a chair, curled up in a ball and went back to sleep.

Faith sat on the stuffing yapping and planning her revenge.

“Cath!!! Cath!!! Cath!!!”

Cath was home, she was home, Faith spun in happiness. Cath reached down and patted her, then pulled a toy out of her bag.

“Here you go Faith, a new toy. Try not to destroy this one OK?”

Oh. Faith looked at the fluff and back at the new toy. Oh. Had she? She remembered playing… some shaking…. Then there had been fluff…

“New toy!” Faith grabbed the toy and ran around the lounge. There was a toy and Cath. Everything was wonderful.

Goldie opened one eye.

“Stupid dog”

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