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I’ve always got Dad for company, and Mum (but she’s 2nd best) and Goldie the cat. Now I have more company. A pair of Mynah birds have moved into the neighbourhood and seem to have decided our section’s the place to be, maybe because we have quite a lot of trees.

They sit on the power lines and shriek with rage every time they see Goldie, and they’re not thrilled about me either. They even shout if Dad’s in the garden.

Yesterday the little dog from across the road was wandering and tried to come into our place. The Mynah screamed and dive-bombed it until it went away. Mum thought it was funny – until it had a go at her when she tried to sit on the back steps and talk to Uncle Roger. Bad birdie…

Image from http://nzbirdsonline.org.nz/species/common-myna