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My fursister Goldie turned 12 three days ago, which means I am 11. For her birthday Mum and Dad got her a big checkup at the vets. I don’t think she liked her present because she scratched Brendan and had to be sedated before he could do anything with her. Brendan said she was purring and looking cute in her cage … and he fell for it … she really isn’t trustworthy.

She has a cracked tooth that needs removing, and arthritis in her back hips which is why she doesn’t always want to jump onto the bench to get her food. Mind you, if they put her food on the floor, I try to eat it and it makes my tummy hurt. Other than that, she’s in great shape. And in fine voice; she has done nothng but yell and eat since she got home. Oh, and I’m still scared of her!

goldie lookin