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Last week Mum was away for 5 days at a conference for her work, so it was just Dad and me. I was a bit miserable, and Dad was worried about me – why was I in pain, was my tummy sore, my knees, what? I made awful coughing/choking noises when Mum got home after I ran really fast, so perhaps my heart medication wasn’t working properly.  He made an appointment for me to see our new vet, Brendan, yesterday.

Brendan checked me out pretty thoroughly. The coughing is just small dog tracheal problems, which we already knew about. My heart congestion is about the same as it was. We agree surgery on my knees is not an option because of my heart, so I am going to start on Glucosamine but it takes 4-6 weeks to have an impact. We came to the conclusion that, with my multiple health issues, I just feel yuk some days.  When I’m having a bad day Mum or Dad will give me a teensy dose of codeine so I feel better.

In the meantime, the heater is on, and life is good.

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