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Over the years Faith has had a lot of eye issues. When she was a pup we were nursing Mum so she grew up keeping out of the way – she always walked slightly behind and to the side of Mum to avoid getting trodden on. She walks closer to Tony, but is cautious of me because of my walking stick. She never ever gets under our feet. Until now…

About a week ago I walked into her in the evening, and thought nothing of it. It happened again, and I still didn’t connect the dots. Then Tony walked into her in broad daylight and I suddenly clicked that we have a problem.

I hopped on Google and looked up her illnesses and medications and found a potential link between Cushing’s Disease and SARDS (sudden acquired retinal degeneration syndrome). I rang the vet and asked for an urgent appointment, and got in the same day.

Brendan checked her over thoroughly and agreed there’s a problem, additional to her existing eye problem which we saw Craig Irving about a couple of years ago. He referred us to Anna at their Hawera branch, as she specialises in eyes. Faith has three appointments in a row on Tuesday so Anna can really spend some time checking her out.

Now we are paying more attention, we can see other signs all is not right with her vison, so it’ll be interesting to see what Anna finds. Poor wee Faith, it’s all a bit endless, but most of the time she is her normal perky self so I guess we’re ok for now.

Doggles Sept 15