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This week Dad took me for a 2 hour drive to Massey Veterinary Teaching Hospital for some tests because, well, lots of things really. I travelled in my doggie car seat so I could see out the window and it makes me a much happier passenger. No shaking or anything!

They did an ultrasound of my heart and tummy, and  blood tests, and I peed on Dad while I was still woozy from the sedation. I got spoilt all day by the staff, who think I am cute.

I have an enlarged heart, enlarged liver, a gallstone, collapsing trachea and infected anal glands. Mum and Dad already knew some of this; it goes with my dodgy left eye and two Luxating Patella. The Drs are not sure of the right diagnosis for my heart so have sent for a second opinion from Australia before starting any medication.

Despite all this, I’m my usual happy self so we’re just continuing on as usual. I sleep a lot, play hard in short bursts, and watch food like a hawk. #SituationNormal