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Well, things have been tricky around here. Mum is meant to have more surgery but it must wait because she has a totally paralysed vocal cord so her airway isn’t safe. Dad had surgery three days ago for a blocked artery between his heart and groin, and is home and doing well. Mum’s friend Sharon came in at lunchtime every day while Dad was in Waikato so I could go for a pee – I like her and her son because they play with me! I wouldn’t eat any of my biscuits though, so when Dad got home I ate and ate and ate! I miss him when he goes away…

I have (finally) started standing up to the cat a bit. Now that I’m 10 years old Mum said it was time I grew some backbone! This morning I was tucked up between Mum and Dad for warmth and the cat tried to shove her way in. Normally I move straight away but this morning I turned my face from her and stayed where I was. Mum said I was *very* brave because the cat can be awful sometimes.

This is an old photo of me and Dad – I hated that jersey so much Mum had to get rid of it!