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Mum’s been sick again so hasn’t been able to blog for me. Things have been busy, in a small dog kind of way.

I hate pills; if I need pills they have to be well hidden in food or shoved down my throat. Because Mum’s been very sick she has to take a pill called Creon, which is a pancreatic enzyme to make sure she gets all the possible nutrition from her food. Somehow she dropped one and didn’t realise. Guess what I did? Yep, I ate it (well, most of it)

I spent 2 hours throwing up constantly on the end of the bed at 5am. Mum said there was no point in moving me, it’d just been something else to wash! I went and saw my vet Rebecca and she gave me an injection of pain relief and something to settle my tummy. Mum had to inject me two more times and I’m still taking Prednisone every day. Mum says I’m a little horror…

Winter is here; we had hail yesterday and there’s snow in part of the country that wouldn’t normally have it yet. It’s COLD! Thank goodness all the heaters are on, and Mum’s got a mohair rug on her side of the bed. Right now it’s sunny but cold, so I’m lying in the sun in the back porch.

My friend Zak got sick and died. There’s a photo of us together at the bottom of this post; we didn’t play but were happy to hang out near each other. His Mum, Sandra, is my Mum’s best friend so we all got very sad. She has a new puppy called Bruno. He’s a Malshi – a Maltese Shih Tzu cross. He’s 6 months old and weighs about the same as me. Because he’s little Mum and Sandra hope I learn to play with him when he comes to visit.