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It’s Christmas Eve here and Mum’s feeling better so she thought she’d update my blog.

  • I’ve been well for quite a while now, except for a sudden vomiting session – the very first time Mum put the new rug she’d been given onto the bed!
  • I got groomed for summer by a professional, because Mum was finding my coat hard to manage, and I love me new look. I’m cool and not as itchy scratchy.
  • The cat has been especially wicked and I’ve been scared of her lately because she attacks me when I go outside for a wee. Mum says I need to harden up and attack back but the cat has *very* sharp ends.
  • Mum’s been sick a lot since early September so I have spent a lot of my time lying on the bed with her keeping her company.
  • My ball skills get better as I get older – I turned 10 recently – and I spend a lot of time practising getting the ball to go in just the right place.
  • I know there’s a couple of presents under the tree for me. One’s from Auntie Ailsa and the other’s from the vets because I am such a good patient.

Have a great woofie (or in my case yappie) day tomorrow everyone.